NEFF ink. is the work of artist DJ Neff. His work includes street art, graphic design, and experiential installations that contain conceptual thinking, technology and , and a do-it-yourself attitude.

Volkswagen Garagemaster

Project : Guitar Design and Packaging

Description : Wow, I helped design a guitar, so very cool.  At CPB we had a lot of great ideas, but this one was a little different.  We gave away a guitar with every VW that was purchased for a certain time span. The guitar had some sweet modifications, one of which allowed you to play your guitar right from your car stereo through the aux jack. Also some great details with VW buttons, emblems and some sweet FX and built in pre-amp. I was given one because of my work on it, and I really love it. Really well made with a great sound.

These videos were taken by people who love their guitar. It makes me so happy to see people appreciate it. 

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