NEFF ink. is the work of artist DJ Neff. His work includes street art, graphic design, and experiential installations that contain conceptual thinking, technology and , and a do-it-yourself attitude.


TJ Morris Memorial

I lost my cousin in 2017, TJ Morris. He was an inspiring artist, bright minded, mega-talented, kind, genuine person, TJ was a big reason I wanted to make art as a kid, and he was on his way to becoming a terrific tattoo artist before he passed. We always talked about painting a mural together, but never had the chance.

On a visit to my Aunt’s house after he passed, I was looking at his old books and found an image that really struck me, a sort of pencil sketch of two dragons nuzzling. He really loved dragons, and this was one of thousands he’d drawn, and he was truly amazing at it. He is ElasticDragon after all.

While holding this drawing I began to imagine what heaven was like for a dragon, nestled in a cave somewhere in the sky. As I painted it, I would think about him, and how unique and beautiful the things he created, and how he inspired so many of his friends and family. His spirit and his kindness were truly one of legend and I imagined him as this dragon, joyful, cozy and content, finally home and at peace.

Putting this sketch into a mural was really important for my grieving process. Losing brother and a mentor so young, out of nowhere, left so much missing. I am grateful for the chance to do something like this and given a wall to let loose these feelings on. Painting this gave me a chance honor an amazing human, to share his art with the world, and to give me a place to visit and remember him often.


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