NEFF ink. is the work of artist DJ Neff. His work includes street art, graphic design, and experiential installations that contain conceptual thinking, technology and , and a do-it-yourself attitude.

Majestic - My Team My Colors

Production : Tool of North America
Agency :  Majestic Direct
Production Designer : David Max
Director: Kevin Foley

I loved creating all the different city paintings for this shoot. Working closely with Director Kevin Foley and Production Designer David Max, we devised a way to let major league baseball stars collaborate on a canvas with a real team fan. The canvas showcased a different skyline for each team's home city, and utilized ways of painting, like swinging a bat dipped in paint, or throwing baseballs covered in paint at a wooden canvas. 

The resulting commercials were spectacular and I was thrilled to create all the unique final painting designs for the production. 


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