NEFF ink. is the work of artist DJ Neff. His work includes street art, graphic design, and experiential installations that contain conceptual thinking, technology and , and a do-it-yourself attitude.

Eat a Chiquita

Project : Sticker DesignBrand Refresh, Direct Marketing, Website Design and Marketing

Description : Worked directly with Chiquita Bananas to create a new way to make bananas cool. What started as a direct approach to marketing, creating a set of character designs that would live on the bananas themselves, spun off into a fully integrated approach. Partnering with The Famous Group in Los Angeles, we created a great microsite, which included a sticker design tool, original video game, viral videos, and integration into social media. This was one of my favorite projects to date and I feel the impact it had on the brand's popularity was truly amazing. 

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The following are videos we created for online branded content for the site and for YouTube. 


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